I LOVED THIS SET!  It was extremely nice.....Well designed, great quality, great price.

Mike Stella, MA, ATC, PES, CES

Athletic Movement Protocol

My favorite IASTM tools. I have purchased all 3 of them and quality is amazing. I love the weight of large handle bar. I use them every day in my practice. I am Physical Therapist in Virgin Islands. Buy all 3 tools and remember how important fascia is. I kept buying one at the time but now I use all 3 for different applications.

Anna H Boguslawska, MSPT

US Virgin Islands

The tools work really well. They are of great quality. I have utilized many different types of tools, and I am glad that I chose myometal tools to add to my collection.

Michael Turkali, DC

Mineral Ridge, OH

Myometal Tools are an irreplaceable addition to my on-field medical bag. They are clean, neat, and easy to hold in tough weather conditions. I am very satisfied with my purchase, you can tell the creators at Myometal Tools put a lot of care into their design.

Michael Lovich, DC

Portsmouth, NH

Invested in myometal tools, and they have not disappointed! Tim's managed to combine the efficiency of larger numbered sets of tools into a concise set of 3 tools that satisfy all the contours of muscle tissue that a chiropractor needs to work with. I'm extremely happy with my purchase as I'm sure I'll have this set for many years to come.

Marcia Halajeski

Portland, OR

The Myometal Tools have been a great addition to our clinic. Haven't used another tool since our set arrived!! We have been able to find a more than suitable edge for each tissue we have needed to work with. Couldn't be more satisfied with our purchase.

Novo Chiropractic

Grandville, MI

I recently traded in my old IASTM tool for a set of Myometal instruments and do not regret my decision. The double beveled edges and weight distribution make it easy to use and I have seen great results with my patients. Multiple treatment edges make these tools versatile and easy to go from treating a broad area to a more precise location. I have yet to find another IASTM product like Myometal where that quality far exceeds cost.


Chelsy Walker, DC

Calgary, AB

By far the best tools I have ever purchased. Tim definitely put his time and thinking into designing these tools. Unlike most tool sets where you don't use half the tools, this 3 piece set is perfect. Each tool has its own specific use and your money doesn't go to a waste.

The most affordable and efficient tools and i got mine shipped to Canada within 3 days. Great experience with myometal and awesome service.

Parm Bisla, DC

Vancouver, BC

I am a sports chiropractor in WA state and I love these tools! This is the best deal for IASTM tools that you will find! The quality is flawless and attention to detail is impeccable! Can't speak more highly of Myometal. 

Jayson Sipress, DC

Seattle, WA

Love the tools - excellent, affordable option for soft tissue mobilization!

Charles Thorpe

Seattle, WA

The Myometal IASTM tools are as advertised: ergonomic and affordable. When I started into practice as a chiropractor, I realized that my cheap mini tool was not doing my hands any favors; I needed to upgrade. Unfortunately, many quality IASTM tool sets are either awkward to handle or cost-prohibitive - sometimes both. Myometal tools are neither. The tool designs are sleek and lightweight. I opted for the 3-piece set to allow for variability depending on the body region I’m treating, my holding preference and patient comfort. Aside from quality tool design, Myometal also provides a refreshingly affordable purchase price and knowledgeable customer service. I’ve had my tools for four months now and could not be more pleased.

Gavin Sangrey, DC

San Diego, CA

Excellent IASTM tools, very AFFORDABLE as well. I have had a chance to use them on several patients and each patient I used them on experienced a great deal of relief from their aches and pains. They way they are designed makes them more comfortable to handle than some other tools I used in the past as well. I would highly recommend these tools to anyone looking for a solid set of IASTM tools!

Vladislav Kostin, DC

Portland, OR

I'm a chiropractic student in my last year of school. I purchased the 3 piece set about a month ago and love them. The weight & balance of the tools are great and the edges are clean and perfect!

Aaron Shoemaker

Portland, OR

As a new chiropractor, I needed a quality set of IASTM tools, but finding a set that was both high quality and affordable proved to be a challenge. I was very pleased to discover the Myometal tools, which met both qualifications. The handlebar tool is great for working large muscle groups, and the design of Myometal's makes it easy to use and comfortable for both doctor and patient. All 3 tools have been useful, and the case is convenient and professional. Overall I have been very happy with this tool set and would recommend it to other practitioners.

Brittni Ramp, DC

Portland, OR

I am a chiropractor licensed in Washington and Oregon. I have used the myometal tools on quite a few patients now and they are very satisfied with the results. I have used the tools on patients for plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, muscle tightness and muscle spasms. Patients feel discomfort while it's being performed, but I have seen tremendous results from the patients. One of my patients even started having frozen shoulder and I used the longer tool on his upper traps and back muscles and it made a noticeable difference even after the first treatment. I have used many other instrument assisted tools such as Zuka and Graston tools but these, by far, are my absolute favorite. I love the weight of the tools. Not too heavy, but also has some girth to them. There is a small tool with a hook to it for the "hard to get to" places such as around the knees, ankles and wrists and there is also a nice long bar that doesn't have a sharp edge to it so it doesn't hurt patients. Bottom line: These tools are affordable and very high quality! I'll never go back!

Brady Fielding, DC

Portland, OR

These are high quality IASTM instruments, and for a very affordable price. I am in my final year of Chiropractic school and I recently got these instruments. I have used them a little bit here and there, and they get the job done just as much as all the other instruments out there. If you are looking for good affordable instruments, these are the ones to get.

Jared Wadsworth

Portland, OR

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