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Myometal tools are made from durable, corrosion-resistant stainless steel and ergonomically designed for your comfort.


Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) tools of the highest quality at an unbeatable value.


Myometal IASTM Tool Set Case
Myometal MultiTool Small
Myometal Boomerang Small
Myometal Handlebar Small

Provide value-added treatment for your patients:

Soft tissue tools are a convenient and affordable way to address patient needs.  Tools allow you as a practitioner a greater range of treatment options for your patients.

From athletes to couch potatoes, anyone can acquire myofascial adhesions. There is no better or more effective way to treat those adhesions than by using Myometal tools. 



Myometal tools are an undeniable value.  There is no better way to get started treating patients using IASTM. And, because Myometal tools are so affordable, there's no reason to delay incorporating IASTM into your practice.

Happy Patients

IASTM has the potential to heal your patients faster.  Faster healing time leads to happier patients, and happier patients lead to more referrals.


Also, Myometal tools are also designed with patient comfort in mind.  Our edges are more gentle than most of the other IASTM tools available, which allows deeper penetration without the superficial trauma.  Your patients won't miss the petechiae, we promise.

More Options 

Health care is not a one size fits all sort of thing.  The same treatment plan will not work for everyone, and anything you can do to increase the number of tools at your disposal will make you more successful.

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Myometal tools work well with many of the various IASTM techniques. Myometal tools are in many ways similar to Graston and HawkGrips tools in that all three are stainless steel tools designed to target myofascial adhesions.


Myometal tools differ in 2 major ways.


1. Price

Much of the tool redundancy has been eliminated. We offer 3 tools that are able to address virtually all areas of the body. This has a major impact on purchase price. 


2. Treatment Edges

Myometal tools were designed with a more gentle edge, which allows for more pressure and deeper penetration with less impact on the skin. Too often it is superficial trauma or damage to the skin that limits IASTM treatment time, which can limit the effectiveness of treatment.


The appearance of petechiae is often thought of as an indication the skin has reached its treatment threshold. The edges of Myometal tools prevent this tissue response in most cases.


"I recently traded in my old IASTM tool for a set of Myometal instruments and do not regret my decision. The double beveled edges and weight distribution make it easy to use and I have seen great results with my patients. Multiple treatment edges make these tools versatile and easy to go from treating a broad area to a more precise location. I have yet to find another IASTM product like Myometal where that quality far exceeds cost."

Chelsy Walker, DC | Calgary, AB

"The Myometal IASTM tools are as advertised: ergonomic and affordable. When I started into practice as a chiropractor, I realized that my cheap mini tool was not doing my hands any favors; I needed to upgrade. Unfortunately, many quality IASTM tool sets are either awkward to handle or cost-prohibitive - sometimes both. Myometal tools are neither. The tool designs are sleek and lightweight. I opted for the 3-piece set to allow for variability depending on the body region I’m treating, my holding preference and patient comfort. Aside from quality tool design, Myometal also provides a refreshingly affordable purchase price and knowledgeable customer service. I’ve had my tools for four months now and could not be more pleased."

Gavin Sangrey, DC | Salem, MA

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